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Floating Docks by offers both traditional wood construction and state of the art combinations such as aluminum with composite decking or all aluminum. All of our floating docks are fitted with PermaFloat floatation tubs, dependable, foam-filled, encapsulated in a .150" nominally thick shell that is made of virgin polyethylene with UV inhibitors.


The tough shell helps prevent damage from the harsh sun and marine environment. The single-piece, rotationally-molded design eliminates seams that can result in separation and leakage. Permafloats are strategically designed with a flat top that includes molded-in mounting slots and holes for easy attachment to any framework. Go to for more information on this product.

Extruded Aluminum Decking ; Our extruded decking is made from 6000 series Aluminum and offered in a 5 ½’’ wide panel with an aggressive skid resistant high profile surface “shown below”. The tee shape flange/stem are for added strength, allowing us to build using less materials without sacrificing the integrity of the dock.

ThruFlow Premium Decking. If you are considering a deck using our ThruFlow premium product you are making a great choice. Offered in several colors, ThruFlow Premium decking is light weight, durable and a environmental friendly deck. Standard with a non-skid, mold and mildew resistant finish giving you years of maintenance free worries. For more information visit

Wood Decking can also be used in combination with our extruded aluminum frame.